3 best powder foundation

By Vicky

3 best powder foundation ,let's see how good they really are!


Cle de Peau translucent powder

Review by mulhollanddrive: I got 1/3 amount of the full size in a swap and I was so happy I tried it!!! Like the previous reviewer says, when I first apply it, my face looks a little bit powdered and not very natural. But after my skin absorbs it, my face looks radiant, immaculate and glowing! Definitely will not dry your skin like some others do. Will buy a full size when I finish it. Perfect!!!

Review by Jaie: Having read the glowing reviews, I rushed to Harrods to purchase, it is indeed beautifully fine and soft. I applied a tiny bit and brushed it all over my face, found it very drying and had to use a more moist foundation, think I get better results by brushing a Shisheido powder foundation!

Review by belladoggie00: Beautiful, silky powder to set your makeup with!

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Cinema Secrets Micro Fine Loose

Review by kimby83: This product works very well for setting makeup and looks great in photos. However, the container is a little large for travel and even though it's called translucent, it has a slight white cast to it. I am a makeup artist and prefer the setting powders by Makeup Forever--which are great for photos!!!

Review by ckgurl714: First powder I've used that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing powder probably because it's so finely milled and truly translucent. I usually go without powder because I can't stand the chalky look of most powders. This powder does not change the color of your makeup. A small bit goes a long way. I like to spritz my face with Cinema Secret's moisturizing spray after a light dusting of this powder. Great product!
This powder doesn't cut it during the summer. My face gets soooo oily in the summer, this powder just seems to melt. I'm currently going without powder.
UPDATE 8/18/07: Please read my review for Merle Norman's Ultra powder foundation. This stuff works great as a setting powder during the summer!

Review by OutofControl: A excellent translucent powder (turly no-colour) for setting foundation. Very finely milled. I used to use Laura Mercier only, but have tested this with LM Trans. powder side by side and even like the Cinema Secrets powder better! It virtually disappears after applying, just leaving a light matt smooth finish. Great great price for a wonderful product!

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Cle de Peau Powder Foundation SPF 21

Review by GreeneyedGal: I'm in love! I finally found my perfect powder foundation. I have a pink undertone to my skin and finding a powder foundation that matches has impossible. B20 is my color!
The finish is not to be believed. When I tested it on my dry, wrinkly hand, I couldn't believe my eyes. All the gals at the counter said, oh my god - look at your hand! And that is what it does for my face. Such a wonderful finish.
I do have to blot my forehead mid-day, but no matter what oil/matte foundation I use, I need to do that. The amazing thing is that even with the oil - it doesn't look bad. Hard to explain.....but it's amazing.
You'll need a second mortage, but its the last foundation you'll need to buy!

Review by KateN: I found this product disappointing. The product does not control oil: within an hour of application, oil is visible. It does not minimize pores. It might be my imagination, but it seems to make them more visible. The product does not last; four hours after application, you need to reapply. It didn?t feel finely milled. Finally, it didn?t really infuse with the skin; it seems to just sit on the surface. My rating is based on comparison with other high-end powder products. Note - I just purchased a refill and have no comment on the packaging quality.

Review by munchlaxy: I love this powder foundation (MAC 20-25, CDP 020), I have a problem with oily skin and most foundations simply disappear by noon. I use this in 020 and have the cream version which I love also but in summer the powder will be my primary foundation. This foundation covers well and since I have a lot or redness, acne scars I use this powder over my CDP concealer.
I have also tried La Prairie's and love their powder foundation also but I could not find a color match that I was happy with. CDP's powder is expensive but I am willing to spend on a foundation that lasts on my oily skin.
Update: This is my HG powder foundation, the coverage that this gives is simply the best, not cakey, covers well, feels light on my skin all day and easy to touch up. I love all CDP's foundations but this is by far my favorite.

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