3 best nails

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By Marcella

3 best nails ,let's see how good they really are!


Sephora Sephora by OPI - 212

Review by jules2064: This is pretty and unique, when you want to do something more festive than just the regular dark polish. I noticed people were saying it had a greenish look to it- it's actually a dark gray/almost black base, but the fine gold glitter gives it a greenish cast. It also has fine holographic glitter which makes it even more interesting! I love the color (I use 2-3 coats to get it looking like the bottle), just wish it stayed on a little better I guess, like didn't fade at the tips after a day or 2, or show minor chips. Maybe I need to switch up my top coat or something. Anyway, I would get it again!

Review by redheadjane: For a Limited Edition, Sephora namesake color, this is devastating. First, it's not glitter or little flecks of color - it's like big, chunky, pieces of glitter throughout the nailpolish. And it's a weird, chocolate grey color. Two coats was not enough, three made it look goopy and scary. I was so anxious to buy this that I got it the second I received the email it was in stock online. It's not good, ladies, consider yourself warned. It looks like a polish you'd buy to wear to a Halloween party - and that's it. And it will take you forever to remove it.... Overall, this is just bad.

Review by amystar: At 36 I'm not much of a glitter girl but this is true love for me. I don't see any green. Even DH said, "love your bronze nails." Application is tricky. I did 2 coats and then noticed 3-4 bald spots the next day. Going on day 5 and no chips!!! I used gelous and SV and Barielle ME on day 2. The large orangish flakies are stunning. If you like a more subdued polish but want some pizazz (lol) try this!

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Wet 'n' Wild Flash Dry Nail Set

Review by lipstickcrazy: I used to use this product every single time I did my nails because it helped in preventing any nicks and dents when the polish was drying. I don't think though that it necessarily makes them dry, it just makes them slippery so if you do happen to bump your nails up against anything, they're more likely to slide against each other, preventing any damage. Ever since I found my must have quick dry topcoat though, I stopped using this since I didn't really need it anymore.
I started up using it again everyday because I found that it's really great at moisturizing my dry cuticles! If I'm just relaxing in front of the tv or just surfing the internet, I'll apply the oil all over my cuticles and on the sides of my nails. I let it soak in for a while and then rinse it off and I instantly have much healthier skin which also helps in making my nails grow out healthier too. LOVE this product!

Review by LuiLui: I love this product. I use a couple different quick dry topcoats, then if I am not satisfied that my nails are dry enough, I add this. Although, I agree that it may not actually dry polish any faster, maybe only gives the illusion of dry polish.

Review by Viognier: I love this stuff, and I've been using it for years. It's cheap, easy to find, and it totally delivers as promised, it sets the nail polish immediately!
There have been a few times where I tried putting it over polishes that were too thick/too wet, and ended up with a brush full of dried colour, but I just dip it in some polish-remover and the problem's solved.
It tends to have a bit of an oily feel, but that's easily fixed with a quick kleenex swipe over each nail after a few seconds. Done and done. I get that great glossy look/feel on my nails and I love that. They shine like glass. (Not great for you matte fans out there, but fantistic for those that like the wet vinyl look.)

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Unlisted Brand Onyx Professional - 100 Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Review by clnfox: This is really good. It does what it's supposed to which is quickly remove nail polish, as well as other substances which are much harder to remove like glue.

Review by Cristy1970: This is great stuff. I wouldn't use it if I were a person who changes nail polish every couple days as it can be extremely drying. It works really quick to get off as many layers of polish as I ever have on, and it is also great for removing glue after I use the broadway press-on nails (in real short length, they're amazing!) They get off the glue after soaking for only about 1 minute. I really like this remover. Plus it's dirt cheap, I think about 2 for a 16oz bottle at CVS. Of course, being 100% acetone, it reeks, but I've never found a polish remover that smells even half way decent.

Review by askewchick: Luv this stuff!!!! Gets off the most hardest to remove nail polish off your nails and nail glue too.......Its drying but as already stated a lil moisturizer does the trick!=)

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