3 best nail tools

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By Monica

3 best nail tools ,let's see how good they really are!


Essie Crystal Nail File

Review by aguskl: Crystal nail files are the best. They do the job and last without dulling as quickly.

Review by mz654: I just love this. I have naturally strong nails and it gets the job done easily and without any tiny ragged edges. I've been using the same one for several years without any loss in performance.

Review by auth: This file has made my life soo much easier. This file has worked wonders on the health of my nails - no more peeling, uneven surfaces, and filing them is a breeze now. I wear a lot reds and darks on my nails, so in general I don't keep them any longer than the tips of my finger pads. So I change my manicures every 2-3 days and I am constantly filing my nails to keep them short. This nail file has saved me a lot of time (those emery boards would last only 1 session) and kept my nails in great shape! My Essie file is about 1.5 years old and still works as well as the day I got it. I just wash with handsoap after each use and let it airdry. Its supposed to last a long time but if I should ever break or lose this file I would run, yes literally run out to replace this.

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Sephora Glass Nail File

Review by ooliedonna: This is awesome. I've been making more of an effort to take care of my nails now, and the first step was to buy a glass nail file. Let's just say I can never go back to the regular emery board! Before, I was filing my nails with the emery board and it just seemed like the edges were really rough. With the glass file, it's super smooth. Watch out though, it files the nail a bit quicker than a regular emery board, so make sure you watch how much you file off if you don't want your nails too short. This is super easy to clean, you just rinse with water and let it air dry and it's ready to go. I didn't believe people at first when they recommended this was so much better, but from the get-go when I first filed with it, I can never look back now! By the way, it is made with glass, so I'd be a bit extra careful with it. You can't just throw it around like the old emery board.

Review by dxgirly: I love this file. It has helped my nails grow. If you break it Sephora let's you exchange it for free. I recommended this to everyone I know.

Review by blyss: What a wonderful product from Sephora!!! It has a fine grit but does its job so well. I have sensitive, weak nails prone for splitting. Until now the "regular" emery boards were too harsh for my nails. But with this little jewel after filing and shaping my nails are left so smooth.

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La Cross Crystal Nail File

Review by Bonnie2842: How can a nailfile cost so much? And how impressive can a nailfile possibly be? As odd as it seems, this nailfail is amazing and worth the cost. I'm never using any other file again.

Review by Jennybear: This is a great file, but I had to take away a lippie because it is pretty fragile, and I felt kind of robbed of 9 when it dropped and broke before spending too much quality time together. Perhaps it is for gentler, less clumsy folk than me, but I am not sure if I could face the heartbreak twice!

Review by SisleyAus: Couldn't find this anyplace and posted a message on the board. Finally got the last one at Ulta and it's still the only one I've seen in NYC.
Love it. My nails were peeling all over the place even with taking biotin and I had the feeling it was due to cheap emery boards. So far, so good.
Worth the price.

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