3 best nail polishs compare

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By Monica

3 best nail polishs compare,let's see how good they really are!


Essie Power Lunch

Review by Caligirl42990: I love this color, but can't seem to do 2 coats without some serious streaking! Think it's my technique!

Review by Bethany09: Power Lunch is an almost clear, peach-ish nude. It's very low maintenance and work appropriate, perfect for interviews and such. Mine is a little on the streaky side but not that bad. There are just so many better nude/peach/warm/neutral shades out there, but this isn't a bad one. Power Lunch is from Essie's spring '04 'Madison Avenue' collection.

Review by ooliedonna: I'm have olive/tan skin so Naked Lunch is a better option for me than Mademoiselle's pinky-nude. This is the perfect office appropriate ivory-nude w/ a touch of beige sheer. It covers all my imperfections perfectly!

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Essie Cabi-O -Lait

Review by AutumnBliss: This shade is what would happen if OPI Sweetheart and OPI Bubble Bath had a baby. Cabi-O-Lait is about the same level of sheerness as Bubble Bath. Two coats will nicely obscure the tips, but they are still slightly visible and look whiter. It has the same milkiness and shine (not glossy) as Bubble Bath, but is pinker like Sweetheart. All in all, a great color on me (a cool-toned PPP). My only complaint is that I did get some very slight streaking with this, but it's not really noticeable to anyone but me. I don't know that I'd repurchase, but I marked yes because it's a decent basic milky pink.

Review by lbarnold: This is a truly creamy, milky baby pink. It's still sheer, but not too much so- just *barely* sheer enough to see the difference between the pink and white of my natural nail. If you, like me, are constantly looking for a more pigmented neutral color for every day, I strongly suggest checking this one out.

Review by cgosyne: I experimented a little with this color this time. I own many Essie polishes in the sheer/nude range because I can't wear bright colors at my job. Usually I do a French with them using two coats, but I have to admit there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between the color, but this time I used 3 coats and the color became more solid and like the color you see when looking at the bottle. So, I now like Essie polishes even more because of their versatility...they can be sheer or a solid color. This, when applied with 3 coats is a pretty baby pink. If you use 3 coats it's really not necessary to do your tips, but I did use Marshmallow and it does still show through, though not really enough to make it a necessary step.

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OPI 3 Plums, I Win!

Review by mriaow: Blurgh ! Not my cup of tea, after buying this one, I realised I will never suit purple shades.

Review by ciarar: My 4 yo DD picked this shade all on her own for her 2nd ever manicure. It looks so cute on her petite nails. A medium purple shade with a twinge of shimmer.
Great for little girls and BIG Girls, too.

Review by Graceteix: I like the appearance of this polish - it's a nice purple frosty shimmery metallic color that isn't terribly dark. But I noticed that the tip color wears down faster than others that I use. I expect my polish to last between fill-ins with a maximum of one touch-up. I use other colors as dark or darker than this one, so I think this one just doesn't meet the usual OPI standard of excellence.

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