3 best nail polish

By Helen

3 best nail polish ,let's see how good they really are!


Chanel Shanghai Red

Review by kit_kat68: A really unusual shade of red. Rather beautiful. Slight shimmer (emphasis on slight. Subtle pinkish / magenta undertones. Sexy and sophisticated.

Review by JettNY: I only used one coat of this because it is so deeply colored, but it looked absolutely beautiful and lasted for a week and a half! That is possibly just because i used one coat though! I love this polish and hope Chanel continues to come out with colors i like!

Review by ciarar: I love this nail polish and I have no idea what I had been doing so long without it. This is a wonderful true red (leaning towards a berry) with subtle pink shimmer - which is barely there but very elegant. I agree with the previous posters, this is a very "regal" looking polish, a wonderful and unique twist on the classic red. I am a warm-toned girl, and although this polish is a neutral leaning towards a cool, this shade compliments me very well. It's hard to find a good red polish, especially one which stands out from the others yet still manages to not be too eccentric of a shade. "Shanghai Red" outdoes every other red polish, anywhere. Great color, great wear, will repurchase.

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Zoya Shay

Review by belladoggie00: This is a full coverage (opaque) nude cream. I was a bit worried. When I hear "nude" and being dark skinned I know they're not talking about nude for me. It's obviously not. This nail polish while easy to apply, isn't nude for me and quite frankly, I find it a bit insulting that they call this nude. Not everyone is fair in skin tone. This is however a nice color. It's a desert rose sand beige with a bit of metallic.
I am happy however that it goes well with my skin tone because it's a neutral and full coverage. However, I'm taking off a point because it does live up to the hype of being "nude." Maybe on someone lighter, but not me.
P.S. This was in my July birchbox. (^-^)

Review by Bethany09: Such a pretty, neutral pink polish! Great for manicures. I was a little nervous when I saw how opaque this is. I usually prefer sheer colors when doing my own nails since I'm a little shaky, BUT I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly this goes on. I would definitely suggest both a base and top coat with this one since I think the color would show any ridges/imperfections in your nails. This is not one of those polishes that requires multiple coats! Just one did the trick for me and looked great. I have a light, neutral skintone but I think this would look great on a variety of skintones.
NOTE: I received this as part of my July Birchbox shipment, so I gave it a 3 for pricing as I have no idea how much it would cost to purchase.

Review by kjjamm808: Got this in my Birchbox...2 coats, no base or top coats used. 4 days later and not 1 chip...absolutely non!!! If not for Birchbox I would have never tried this product. I'm not wild about the color...its a little too nude for me...but I will be purchasing other Zoya colors. I also agree with the other posters, very opague, and the polish goes on smoothly because of the brush. Very pleased indeed.

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Shiseido Nail Lacquer

Review by iberian: I have this in 8 Orange Brown, which is a pumpkin shade. I received it as part of a gift basket and wouldn't choose the shade myself, but it's fairly wearable. The formula is smooth and lasts well without chipping. I might purchase another shade in the future.

Review by miss_mac: I have this in 7 woody brown and a few red/cherry ones. I really love this nail polish. It's easy to apply (great application brush!), lovely deep colours and pretty chip-resist. For the 7 woody brown one, one layer suffices when in a hurry, but 2 layers makes it look much nicer. 2 layers does take a bit long to dry though, but I use a nail polish dryer fluid from Alix Avien to speed it up so no problem for me.
All the colours I tried so far are beautifully deep, don't chip, last long. Only dries a bit slow and is a bit pricey. Together with Chanel this is my HG in expensive nailpolish. My real HG is Flormar, a cheap brand not (yet) available world wide. Buy it when you see it though!

Review by SisleyAus: This is, hands down (pun intended!), the best nail polish ever. One coat plus one coat of Sally Hansen's Diamond Hard topcoat lasts on my toes for weeks. I always get compliments on the True Red, and people comment that my toes look like they've been professionally pedicured. Well worth the price.

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