3 best makeup brushess reviews

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By Marcella

3 best makeup brushess reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Bloom eyeshadow brush 1

Review by cloud0204: This brush is great for crease work. The handle is slim and medium length. The bristles are soft. It's easy to use and a great brush to have in anyones MU bag.

Review by Cygentte3: For the price, this lil baby is quite good as a lil crease brush. However I do find it isn't quite as fluffy or soft as I like - but then I think I am spoilt with my Stila brushes *blushes* I don't find myself reaching for this brush though as I don't find that it's soft/fluffy enough to blend crease shades as well as I would like.

Review by nechama22: I loved this brush. It was so soft, fluffy and deposited colour really well. Unfortunately I've lost it, but I haven't purchased it again because I've been trying out different brands and increasing my collection, but there is a good chance that I will end up buying it again. It's nice and cheap, and just as good quality as MAC imo. I would definitely recommend it.

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Coastal Scents IB Round Crease #116

Review by runty: i LOVE this brush. it's small enough to work with my small crease. 'nuf said. would def. repurchase!

Review by Erin: I love this brush. I use it every day. Perfect for the crease. Brush head is very dense and picks up color nicely. I'm going to buy another for my travel bag. Don't know how I survived without it!

Review by jlinh2u: i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush! i started wanting to create those looks with the all over lid shadow, then a crease shadow, and a highlighter.. so i got this brush. it is AMAZING! stiff enough for the crease, very soft, and picks up the right amount of color.
overall, definitely does it's job. an amazing brush. what else good is there to say? *haha*

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Sephora Professional Platinum Foundation Brush #47

Review by aml1: A. Freaking. Mazing.
I love this brush! The bristles are incredibly soft and perfect for applying liquid foundation (I use it to apply MUFE HD lquid foundation). Blends like a dream and gives me even coverage with minimal amount of product. I realize now why I ran through liquid foundation so fast - I was wasting so much of it by using sponges! This allows you to build your coverage while still blending foundation seamlessly.
Keep in mind that it is VERY expensive (close to 40 I believe) but it's definitely a great investment. Mine has not shed, bent, or left a single foundation streak on my face since I got it. I also bought it when I got a gift card, so if you have the money or want to spend a Sephora gift card, I would HIGHLY recommend getting this if you use liquid foundations!

Review by bunnyrabbit: I love this brush, one of the best tools I've ever used (and I've tried both the Mac 187 and the Sonia Kashuk sponge, as well as a ton of other makeup sponges). I actually like the thick bristles. It has a nice softness to it and glides on very easily. It's also easy to take care of since it doesn't shed like other brushes I've had. It's a bit pricey for a generic brand but well worth the investment.

Review by i_darling: This is a really good quality brush. It never once shed and I wash it with Dove solid soap because I am too lazy to do the whole olive oil routine and it's still soft and looks as new even if the hair is probably natural.
If you want optimal results from this brush you must wash it every day, and each usage but it still gives very good results even if you wash it every 3 days or so.
Also I wash it quite clumsily sometimes, water comes in where it's not supposed to, where the hairs are glued, and it still hasn't shed, not even once! If you lat it dry horizontally flat, the hairs won't be clumped together and you won't get streaks.
This is almost double the price of the artificial hair Sephora Foundation Brush but it's so worth the money difference. All artificial foundation brushes leave streaks that you have to blend in with your fingers. This brush doesn't.

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