3 best lip glosss compare

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By Marcella

3 best lip glosss compare,let's see how good they really are!


Too Faced Gossip Gloss in Paparazzi

Review by iberian: I really like this gloss- very nice packaging! It's easy to apply and it isn't too sheer. Will absolutely repurchase!

Review by nemomemo: Now, this is a great gloss! I love the applicator. It is perfect for when you start getting low on the amount of gloss left. The packaging is perfect and the color is Awesome! My ONLY complaint is that there is no yummy taste or smell! It could have a yucky one, so It is good that it doesn't but I LOVE those other yummy ones like the KISS STICKS in "french kiss". I'd buy again, definitely!

Review by ninanina: I was sooo glad I swapped for this ultra pearly / sparkly peachy pink gloss, it looked amazing on me! I layered it with everything or wore it alone. I nearly used it up, then ended up tossing it because of the packaging: cute, but eventually started to leak around the edges where the gloss would collect for some reason. if you know of a similar gloss that has not been discontinued please message me.

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Bonne Bell Lip d' Votion Shimmers in Raspberry Crush

Review by JT14: cute color, cheap price, but you dont need a lot on the brush to get a good glossy look, but if you want a lite fuschia, then put a lot on the brush!!!!!

Review by Sybil84: Ohhh pretty.
Great wearability, great colour, nice smell as well.
The other colours in the lip d'votion set can be verrrry sheer and unpigmented, this one is quite pigmented and the shine is unbelieveable!
i will never buy another juicy tube as long as these are around.
I now own mocha (very unpigmented) and strawberry (also very unpigmented) so i will stick with the raspberry.
Highly Recommended, for this price you can't go wrong (about 7cdn)

Review by blacklittlepig: I LOVE this product! I'm not usually into light girlie-girl gloss and shimmer (I usually like the bold browns for my honey-toned skin), but this is a beautiful, natural color (with cute little sparkles), isn't too unbearably sticky, and it smells really good (yummie!) and doesn't have a terrible taste. This is better than the previous d'Votion I bought a year ago (blackberry, I think) in the sense that it doesn't require a million clicks coax the product out, and the older d'Votion was sooooo sticky. In terms of price, it's great for the student budget. I'd definitely get this again.

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C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Cordial in Warm Spiced Cider

Review by blyss: This is a very yummy, spiced apple lip gloss. I cant really taste the mint in this.. it basically only tastes like a very strong spiced apple taste. very yummy if you love apple anything! The color of the lip gloss is a very sheer white with silver micro glitter sparkle. Very pretty!

Review by blueaygi: Absolutely yummy! I got this because I had a ten off 30 coupon, and I needed to meet the total purchase requirement to use it. The taste is very accurate compared to the real thing. My only beef is that it lasts all of five minutes before disappearing, which is a disappointment considering the slightly steep price per tube (minus one lippie). But still, this is a unique lip gloss flavor that I don't see very often in other holiday lines. I want to try the hot buttered rum next!

Review by roxiblue: I am obsessed with this product, it looks really good on and it smells absolutely delicious. I love Christmas scents/Christmas stuff in general and I plan on buying a couple more tubes of this to last me the winter!

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