3 best hair products

By Marcella

3 best hair products ,let's see how good they really are!


Frederic Fekkai Medium Round Brush

Review by taskeeng: love this brush. it's my first ever boar bristle brush, and leaves my normal type asian hair really smooth. great for styling, and has a nice feel in the hand. doesn't break hair, and works well on tangles. quite expensive, but i don't regret this purchase.

Review by pink_cosmos: I did not like this brush at all! When I try to blow dry my hair with this brush, my hair gets hopelessly tangled in the bristles every time! It's so frustrating! And this is AFTER I've put Silk Therapy in my hair to help my brushes slide through. The only thing I like about the brush is the ergonomic handle, other than that I will not repurchase.

Review by JT14: I love this brush. the ergonomic wooden handle, boar bristles and size make it sooo much prettier and easier to use than anything in the drugstore. of course, this brush is NOT meant for detangling but for smoothing and straightening and adding volume while blowdrying. not an essential, but i love mine.

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Back to Basics Marine Color Sealant

Review by dontblink15: I love this conditioning spray! First of all, I must admit that I do not color my hair, so I don't know if this thing seals in hair color like it claims. I do, however, get dry ends and I spritz this on my hair and comb it through for extra conditioning. It seems to be doing a lovely job of banishing the dry frizzies! The nice fresh scent is good, too. It doesn't stay strong for too long, so it doesn't interfere with my perfume.

Review by scrapdoll: Holy Grail! This is a really wonderful product for color-treated hair! It makes my hair so easy to detangle and so soft without looking greasy. The scent does kind of smell kind of ocean-y. I just had my hair done with lots of beautiful highlights and so far this Marine line has kept my hair as vibrant as the day that I had it done! I would repurchase it even if I didn't color my hair, that's how great this line is.

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Clean Clean Shampoo Fresh Hair Fragrance

Review by zhenya: I love clean scents so when this came out in a spray scent for hair - I had to try it! I love how true it stayed to the clean scent because sometimes you get something hoping it'll smell exactly like the fragrance and it doesn't can be so disappointing, but not this one! I use this for when I go out and afterwards your hair will smell like the smoke from the bars and this masks that perfectly. It is expensive so I use it sparingly.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: Love it. I use Clean perfume and Clean Sweet Layer, but on days where I have to go lighter on the fragrance, I just use this on its own in my hair. I love getting compliments on how nice my hair smells and this works time after time. The spray nozzle is perfectly designed, and it actually lasts longer than I expected it to. It also makes hair shinier instead of drying it out, because it's alcohol free. My only gripe is that it is pricy, but for something I like this much I'll keep on shelling out the cash for it.

Review by kjjamm808: after moving into my new hospital accomodation with the chain smoking doctors i had to get something for my hair. this rules! it doesnt make your hair smell of perfume but clean and washed! doent make it greasy or stiff and doesnt upset my very bad tempered scalp either. the packaging is as allways with clean , cheap and tacky and it leaked a bit in my bag but a must if you live with smokers

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