3 best hair conditioner

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By Helen

3 best hair conditioner ,let's see how good they really are!


Graham Webb 30 Second Sheer Conditioner

Review by catlover9_9: I find this works well for my long, fine hair. It does not weigh it down, and so long as I remember to condition with a heavier conditioner twice a week, I use Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner, I maintain a healthier head of hair with less static and fly aways. I suggest people with fine hair like me give this a try. If you are hesitant to try this conditioner, ask the salon what their return policy is. I have returned more than one bottle of hair care product that did not live up to its name.

Review by dastac: I like the way this conditioner doesn't way my hair down (coarse and thick). Living in a hot and humid climate, my hair does well with this one.

Review by drusilladru: Awesome conditioner! I have fine hair, and this does the trick without weighing my hair down. Disappears into your hair - doesn't coat it with that slimy feeling.

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Nature's Gate Tea Tree Oil Conditioner

Review by gogoamy: been using this for about a week and i must say i like it...i have severely dry scalp and this has been the ONLY thing that has calmed it. my scalp is nowhere near as dry or itchy as it used to be..definitely worth the price, altho it's a bit pricey...will definitely buy again..great for co-washing because not only does it treat the scalp nicely, it conditioners the hair well...

Review by navarre: (See review for accompanying shampoo)
Cool, clean, my scalp and hair feel so fresh and tingly. I have dry hair, and although this conditioner is for oily hair and designed mainly to give "body and shine" it did moisturize and smooth my hair, not perfectly but much more than I expected. It actually feels rather milky (in a good way), feels like I'm massaging melted minty ice cream into my scalp!

Review by marsqurine: It gives a great feel to my hair straight after washing. It makes it look healthy and shiny but the next day it goes greasy pretty quickly. I love the tea trea tingle in the shower and it detangles very well. I love that it doesn't feel full of silicones - the texture is very naturally creamy. I think it is nice for the price and the amount you get.

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Garnier strength and repair conditioner

Review by francesca39: This conditioner is my diva on a dime conditioner. I use it and the matching shampoo. I have relaxed hair so the fact that this product fortifies the hair via the low pH and ceramides is like music to my ears. My hair loves this stuff and when used on a regular basis, I notice improvement. I alternate between this and my other salon stuff that I love. The shampoo is also fantastic. This line is a must for those with chemically treated hair or fine hair.

Review by JettNY: This conditioner is amazing. I have thin, bleached, damaged, fried hair. This makes my hair feel soft again.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I was never a fan of this line until I decided to try it ! I LOVE IT! don't use if you have oily/fine/thin hair (unless you plan on doing major damage to your hair! It's my favorite brand that u can pick up at wal*mart / TARGET /Wal Greens/etc... Plus it has Avacado Oils which acacado is known for repairind dry damaged hair! ITS A MUST ! PLUS THE CONDITIONER!

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