3 best fragrances reviews

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By Monica

3 best fragrances reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Moschino Hippy Fizz

Review by nina: Really cute bottle, very nice and unique scent. I loved it! It leaves a really nice smell on the skin after it dries, which is a big plus as many fragrances have issues in that area.

Review by quantumkitten: For the longest time, I clutched to a sample vial of this perfume like it was the cure for the common cold. I adoooored it, and when it was finally done, my soul cried.
Very quickly, I have a terrible nose. I can't tell what kind of perfume I like, and it really just confuses me when I have to wear a perfume. Also, after wearing too much jasmine essential oil one day to class, I've been terrified of offending people with my perfume choices.
This is the scent that solves that.
It's clean, summery, and everything great. I can wear it to work without having to feel like I'm going to give myself a headache.
Only downside? It doesn't last long, and it's not a very "sexy" perfume.
But still, give it a whiff!

Review by runtagua: Happy Fizz reminds me alot of Moschino's 'I Love Love', but it's slightly fruitier. It still has that bright citrusy grapefruit note with the first spritz but there's also some berry that I detect in the opening as well. As the scent dries down, the sharp citrus mellows out and I smell roses or some sort of gentle floral on me. It's very clean, crisp and fresh smelling. It's the type of scent that you can wear comfortably in warmer seasons and still smell fresh and not cloying like some fruitier perfumes.

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Unlisted Brand Auric Blends-Sandalwood Vanilla

Review by KateN: I wear this everyday!!!! I love it. I have used it for over 5 years and I am a little ashamed to say that I haven't even tried any of the other scents that auric offers.....YET!!! The price is good and the smell last for a very long time. Even when I stop to notice it on myself, others around me will comment on it. But its not so strong that its "foul". Another thing that I really like about this company is that.... IT DOESN'T LEAK!!! We've all had those moments. I know my bottles get dropped and knocked over alot and I've never had any problems with any of the oil leaking out of the ball or lid.

Review by edie4711: Wow, I am rather surprised by all the good reviews. I really like both Sandalwood scents and Vanilla scents, and so I figured that the two of them combined would make an enticing and inviting fragrance. In the bottle it smells nice, maybe slightly bland. When I first roll it on it starts out well but unfortunately turns to powder on me; not sandalwood, nor vanilla, but definitely powder. Even my SO commented that I smelled like powder when he was near my neck. At least it was fairly cheap. Sad it didn't work out for me; I'm giving it three lippies because it obviously works on others and the price is reasonable. C'est la vie.

Review by labelslut: This is a sexy, exotic scent that I get a lot of compliments on. I love sandalwood and vanilla by themselves, and together they're a powerful duo. These perfume oils are inexpensive and I buy them from the health food store. The only problem with perfume oil is that they might stain clothes, so I'm careful to rub this only at my neck and wrists.

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Chloe Lavande

Review by Graceteix: I bought Chloe Neroli ( another limtied edition fragrance) and got a sample of the Lavende. The next day I was back for the Lavende!! Enough said - elegant, contemporary and beautifully done!

Review by dastac: I actually did not purchase this, just got a sample. It is a steep price at 138, but you do get a huge bottle. I agree with the reviewer below that the woman that wears this is sophistacted, a little sensual, and very expensive smelling. I also think it is delicate and fresh which is a nice note to it. It smells like it could almost be a natural scent, not just like Lavender, but just something you smell in nature. Very natural. I like it, but not sure I can pay that much right now for it. Maybe my bf will get it for me or I can ask for it for a bday gift this summer!

Review by dontblink15: YES YES YES. I will buy you forever unless some other fragrance makes me turn my NOSE TO LOVE.
This is so gorgeous. Not a light lavender at first, then it melts down lovely yet still lingering. I LOVE THIS:)

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