3 best face skin care

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By Sara

3 best face skin care ,let's see how good they really are!


Clean & Clear Morning Burst Oil-Absorbing Sheets

Review by pretty_please: I started using these recently because I was tired of shining like the top of the Chrysler building by lunchtime. So around that time, I'll sneak off to the bathroom at work and start blotting. I usually use just one sheet but I use both sides, which seems to work. Then I just put power over it once I'm done. My one complaint is the packaging, kinda flimsy and the "easy pop-up dispensing" only works for the first couple of uses. Great product and I would definitely buy it again.

Review by OutofControl: Got these as a free sample and I was pleased with how well the sheets worked. They have a very, very faint, pleasant face wash scent and leave my face matte and dry. The results are temporary of course, because the oil and shine came back a few hours later (it's humid here in NYC lately) but it's good for a quick refresher.

Review by marsqurine: Luv's it! Best oil-absorbing product ever =]

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Avon Avon Anew Ultimate Creme

Review by nishie: This is a pretty damned good product. Over the years,I have used La Mer, Dior,Clarins, as well as many others with varying price tags. It is reminiscent of La Mer's texture, which I like. Recently I purchased sample packs of the eye cream instead of the jar for ease of use and to help extend the life of the product. Best thing I ever did. Will be repeating this idea with the other products as well: minimal wastage and less packaging in landfill.
I use all of the Ultimate range and am extremely happy with it.
As a make-up artist, I am asked quite often about skincare products and people are often quite startled when I mention this Avon product!
I believe we all have to be realistic about skincare products' capabilities and this product performs quite admirably.

Review by quantumkitten: I always come back to this product. I try other products after falling for advertising claims, but this is the one that works for me. I'm 50 yrs old with no wrinkles and this product moisturizes and most of all lifts and firms my face. No sickening smell either. Love it!!

Review by cgosyne: I use this everyday. Just makes my skin glow! Love it!

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Zia Ultimate Moisture

Review by laurilauri: This is light yet rather nourishing cream. My prone to dryness skin felt comforted. A little light for me to use in dry and windy winter weather in NY. One small shortcoming (the reason of that I did not figure out yet) is that I cannot use some of my foundations and LM tinted moisturizer over this cream - it rolls off. Probably, the product bases are probably incompatible. Still, I rate this product A++++.

Review by fitnessa: I really liked this moisturizer. It was creamy, silky, and went on really well. Never greasy. And I loved the citrus smell.
I have very dry, slightly sensitive skin, and while this cream never irritated my skin it doesn't give me enough moisture. After I finished up the bottle, I switched to their night cream verison (for both day and night), and it still wasn't moisturizing enough for me.
I've recently switched to La-Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche, so I'm hoping to finally help my dry skin get the moisture it needs. However, if you have normal or combo skin, you should definitely try this! It's full of antioxidants and vit c and love the texture!

Review by lipstik: I had tried the cream for like a mounts and Did not much for me sking face , so I had sent back to the store , I had findthe best and 100% organic Cream the name is
Desert Essence - Daily essential Face Moisturiser it sale in Whole foods too and the price is GREAT 8.00 4 OZ size

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