3 best face cleanser reviews

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By Christina

3 best face cleanser reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Guerlain Secret de Purete, Cleansing Cream

Review by Angeline: This is a wonderful cleanser. It has a heavy, creamy texture that is a pleasure to massage in. I'm unsure if it removes makeup because I use a makeup remover before cleansing.
It has a light scent that isn't offensive.
The jar may put some people off, but if you wash your hands before cleansing (as you should) there's no problem re hygiene. The jar isn't very practical for travelling though, but it does look grand on the bathroom bench.

Review by funkybabe: I have been using this cleansing cream at night to remove makeup and it is wonderful. I used the previous version of this product which was good as well, but heavily fragranced. This new Secret de Purete range has way less fragrance in it which is good. I like fragranced products, but Guerlain used to be very heavily fragranced so it's nice to see that they have listened to their customers. The cream spreads well over my skin and really dissolves everything without a trace of dryness. I follow with the Guerlain foaming cleansing creme at night (I use the foaming one alone in the morning). I will probably try their new foaming cleanser after this one is finished. I usually like Guerlain products and this cleanser is one of the newer items I have tried from them and I would re-purchase.

Review by laurilauri: This is a pretty expensive cleanser (?52,50) but so far, it's word the money. A thick, white cream in a 190 ml. jar. I love the feeling of this on my face. It's very soft and does not irritate my skin. First night I didn't used it on my eye area cause the SA told me not to cause there are other products for that.... I believe that's just a story to make me buy more stuff... I used it the 2nd night all over my face, including eye area and my makeup vanished. I had heavy liner and mascara on so I was pleasantly surprised! This works better than every mu remover i've ever used!! Just rub in gently with your fingers and wash of with lukewarm water.

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Vichy Oligo 25 Foaming Face Wash

Review by dastac: i really like this cleanser have been using it for the last two years it smells divine and has a nice texture it cleans the skin really well after using it my skin feels clean , fresh and very balanced . its basically for dull skin might i add it does add radiance to the skin although not in great measures. overall i love this product it comes in a pink pump bottle really easy to use its great for normal to combination skin someone with dry skin might find it drying. try it.

Review by Springncts: When I lived in the Middle East I used neutrogena or clearasil. It made my skin worse, itchy, dry, and result in myself having acne.
When I moved to teh U.K this was what I was suggest, to use with the normaderm toner by them and a lightweight moiturizer.
I loved how it foamed, it removed oil, dirt, makeup and gave me a radiant non-shiny finish.
Helped get rid of my pimples as well. I would not repurchase it because I have found better cleansers though. And it's not here in Australia.

Review by taskeeng: I love this cleanser! It's simple, clean, and makes my skin look like I came back from a workout. Nice to be cheered up by your own face.
Oh, I have basically normal skin, not a whole lot of problems (thankfully!), with dry patches here and there.

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Sisley LYSLAIT Cleansing Milk with White Lily

Review by Jennybear: This along with Babor cleansing oils, are for me the best cleansers in the world. I normally use Babor, but lately i find that the oils and phytoactives from Babor take too much time. This is easier. I cleans without stripping, makes skin smooth and is pretty effective. I like it very much and will buy again. I use this in the morning and the Babor oil and Phytoactive sensitive in the evening. I know that Babor cleansing oil is the best for getting skin in best condition, but know my cleansing routine is good (after the drying foamers) I am using this, I hope forever. Great product.

Review by beckibabe: My favourite cleanser, smells good, not drying and great with the Clarsonic type electric cleansing brushes. I'm a guy and even shave with this as I often get allergy problems with artificial shaving foams. I would not recommend for oily skins or a very hot climate as it may be too rich however. As for re-buy I use all the time but have never purchased a full size. This is because of all the sample sizes I get - in the UK at least this is always always in Sisley promtional gifts at 30 ml.

Review by oopsygirl: Very appealing scented creamy milk cleanser. Sadly 'extortionally' expensive and since in comparison performance-wise not surpassing other cream/milk cleansers like e.g. Avene's, Lyslait will not be something i will purchase on a regular basis. However, the fresh, lovely, natural scent of this product will probably keep me hooked..

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