3 best eyeshadow

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By Stella

3 best eyeshadow ,let's see how good they really are!


Urban Decay Shattered eyeshadow

Review by runtagua: Awesome aqua blue/ green. Looks great layered over UD Cream Shadow in Gotham.

Review by ckgurl714: I love the color in the pot it is a Tirquoise/blue/green reflecting color. The texture is great it applies great but it EASILY wipes off. I also find that within 2 hours the color has faded to a very subtle bleh color. If you're wanting it to last I wouldn't recommend it. I am probabaly not going to buy again due to this factor.

Review by wunverdoll: Love Shattered! A sea green w/ a pretty golden sheen to it. This is one of my favorites for a pop of color. Lasts all day w/ UDPP.

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GirLActik Glam Eye Powder

Review by kjjamm808: I Bought this in "Gold Glam" firstly when I received this from sephora it had leaked out and some was all over the package ...not enough to matter but still some leakage ...then I opened the container ...it is a small "loose powder like" container with the sifter on top but no sticker over the holes to prevent spillage so you need to be very careful when opening or else it will be erverywhere.
The shade is a pretty shade (reminded me of Nars Night Star in loose powder form) It is a sheer, sheer gold with golden sparkles.
The problem (as was with the Nars) it just did not show up at all. In fact the only noticable trace of it was the tiny golden sparkles which wound up on my cheeks. Tried it dry, tried it wet, but just could not get this one to work at all for me. Back to sephora it went. I am sure there are way cheaper versions of somethng like this!

Review by cgosyne: I have this in nude glam. Love all their products. The glam powders look best with the pearl base.

Review by sophie_tan: I love this powder! Not only is the packaging chic and feminine (gotta love those chrome pink lids) but the intense shimmer and multifacets of the shades are gorgeous and make great highlighters. My favorite is gold glam because it's a beautiful white gold that goes with pretty much anything warm, from greens to bronzes to pinks.

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Sephora Colorful Mono Eyeshadow - Aspen Summit (23)

Review by fuxxy: This is a great eyeshadow. The colour is decently pigmented with the right amount of shimmer, and it lasts all day.

Review by shelby1123: I love this color - it's a gorgeous frosty sliver-white. It's super pigmented, and there's never any fallout when I apply it. I especially like it because it really brings out my dark brown eyes, to the point where they almost look black. Overall, I think this is a lovely color for someone who wants a pigmented, opaque shade of white to wear all over their lid, and who doesn't mind shimmer in their eyeshadow. I will definitely be repurchasing.

Review by Leelee57: I got this in the Sephora birthday set (included samples of mascara, this eyeshadow, and an eye liner pencil) and it was the only item of the set that I actually used multiple times and enjoyed. It is a white shimmery shadow that has a hint of whitish-silver and works great as a highlight for fair-skinned people or in the inner corner, especially when doing a silver/grey or darker smokey eye. Because so much product is in this tiny sample and I have a medium skin tone, I probably will never use it all up. But its a nice unique color to have.

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