3 best eyeshadow brand

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By Sara

3 best eyeshadow brand,let's see how good they really are!


Ulta Peacock

Review by AokiJ: I absolutely love this color. I posted a picture up above. Its a great bluish gray color. I'm usually not a fan of blue but with the gray in it, its perfect! Smooth application and very blendable.

Review by amystar: Gorgeous shade of blue for brown-eyed girls! Peacock is a sophisticated bluish-gray. (In the right light, it's very similar to another Ulta favorite of mine, Gunmetal). It's not a bright, tacky, 70's disco, 7-year-old-playing dress-up blue. A few layers of Peacock paired with Ulta's Iceland shadow highlighting my tear ducts and brow bone, and I've got beautiful eyes that stand out...in a nice way. Glad I decided to try this! Great quality. Great price. A definite repurchase!

Review by tetrakis: Gorgeous, YES! Peacock? NO, not at all! Forget the name - refer to it only when you go to Ulta to look for this shade! It's a stunning graphite blue-grey (what part of a peacock is this color??? lol). Perfect for lining - I love Ulta eye shadows!!!

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MAC Nehru Eyeshadow

Review by Viognier: Being a smokey eye junkie, this was destined to become part of my collection. Nehru is a deep sooty charcoal with a blue undertone. It's a gorgeous way to smoke out my eyes, looks great with a variety of colors, from Shroom, to Nylon, to Crystal and Crest the Wave. I love it for it's versatility, the color payoff, the blendability, and the pigmentation. There's no shimmer in it .. but it looks stunning on regardless. Definitely a winner!!

Review by abrilio: I used this shade during my "Goth stage" in high school :) It makes a great liner and can create a dramatic smoky eye. I used to layer it heavily all over the lids and it was a bit hard to blend though.

Review by Springncts: This colour I can probably give or take in my collection. When I first got it, I was horrified, because I bought it online, and in person it looked like Carbon (which i hate). But this one is different, and is much more pigmented than Carbon. I dont use it often, but it is a great quality eyeshadow. Perfect for a smoky eye look.

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Chanel Multi-Effects Eyeshadow- Air

Review by kat_25: Air is iridiscent medium pink with gold / green tones - a really beautiful colur but not the easiest to wear because it's such a bold colour.Thankfully it's sheer so my DDD skintone can just about get away with it. This is my first Chanel shadow, and the quality is amazing with great staying power - just with they'd come up with more colours.

Review by belladoggie00: Similar to the pink in Cliniques Strawberry Fudge in color, but much more pigmented and a little darker. I usually apply it all over the lid with a shimmery orange/gold from the crease to the browbone, and a dark bluegreen liner along the lashline. One of the spring colors this year is supposed to be hot pink paired with fresh orange, but on me most brands are too sheer.
This combo gives me a tropical feeling and I think this will be smashing for summer too with some tan.

Review by jamelia: Not just a pink eyeshadow. Has a pretty gold shimmer layer on top and a silvery medium hot pink shadow under. This e/s is a workhorse. Not only does it look great with a variety of shades (try all over on the lid and UD X or Chanel's Chahut to line or accent) but is also *amazing* as a blush. I've had a number of Chanel makeovers and all of the MA's have excitedly talked about using Air as a blush and highlighter. This e/s went from rarely-used to a top favorite once I discovered how multi-purpose it is. Being discountinued I heard though. :( Definitely pick this up if you love pinks and love forumulas that can be used in multiple ways.

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