3 best eyeliner reviews

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By Marcella

3 best eyeliner reviews,let's see how good they really are!


Avon Feeling Metallic Ultra Thin Eye Liner in Metallic Plum

Review by catlover9_9: A few months ago, I figured I would give these a shot since they were so inexpensive - plum and green. Usually, I use MAC or Clinique liners, so I figured if I threw it away, it wouldn't be that big of a deal.
Well, I was so plesantly surprised at how awesome these look! I love that you can get the thinnest line you want or just keep applying and smudging for a thicker line. The shimmer isn't out of control, but just enough.

I would recommend these for anyone who wants to try out how a glimmer liner would look. Overall, for quality, I would still buy the MAC powerpoints or the Clinique cream shapers which go on heavenly smooth!

FYI: I also like AVON glimmerstick lip liner in Simply Spice for my NC20 skin - its a nice neutral light brown with just a hint of red and plum IMO.

Review by pinkiiish: Great idea, but it tugs at the lid line, and even with just a nib cranked out, it breaks easily. Too new of a product to be dried out. Just remember, if it tugs, it's got to go. Suebaby

Review by betsyab: These eye pencils so nice and thin, so if I accidentally go on a little heavy I don't have a huge dark line there by mistake! The metallic colors are great. I find they are a little lighter than the regular colors so it's also nice if you are heavy-handed like me when applying it. This is the first time my eyeliner looks natural instead of artificial or overdone.
I couldn't find them in the newest catalog. I hope they come back!

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Smashbox Muse Cream Eye Liner Artist Pencils

Review by lbarnold: I picked a few of these up in a set and am not particularly wowed by them.
Initially, I loved the creamy consistency, but now I realize that they might be too soft. They smudge like crazy and don't work well on the waterline- it just doesn't show up due to the slickness of the formula. I love the packaging- the hardwood artist pencils really appeal to me.
I have both Imperial (dark violet) and Antique Gold (dirty gold/olive shimmer). I find that Imperial is much too dark to show off any color- it looks more like an off black (which does make for a less intense eyeliner, if that's what you're looking for). Anitque Gold is lovely, you can actually see the shimmery color, but because of the lack of lasting power and staying ability, I wouldn't repurchase.

Review by kerroppifreak: I love these colors and formula. They are pretty soft, so I have to sharpen them almost every use. They glide on nicely and but tend to wear off easily. The only drawback is that you can't apply them thinly...no matter how sharp you make the point.

Review by misswillow: Gorgeous colors (antique gold which is more of a gilded green, azure, charcoal and purple) and wonderful consistency. Not flaky like the pot liners Smashbox makes, and super easy to draw a line. Loved the antique gold so much (not glittery at all) that I had to get the set (not sold separately).
Clinique used to have pencils like this but no longer. Theirs are hard and dry and crumbly.

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Chanel Le Crayon Kohl in Black Jade

Review by Lola_Bear: I bought this based on the MUA reviews, because I am always looking for ways to bring out the green in my hazel eyes. This is a gorgeous color, truly a deep green mixed with black. It's softer in color than straight black, which is a nice change. I do think it highlights the green in my eyes. It's very easy to apply, with a soft texture that doesn't require any dragging or pulling. My only gripe is that the staying power hasn't been as wonderful as the color, as I find some smudging only a few hours after applying (and I like to wear it to line the lower inner rim). I've been trying to use UDPP prior to applying, and it does seem to help a bit with lasting power and smudging.

Review by staci01: This is a total hg for me. It ia a beautiful black that is really a deep deep green, but when you look, it just looks like black. I have hazel eyes and the green in the liner really brings them out. Beautiful! I never found an eye liner that was as nice.

Review by askewchick: Generally prefer brown eyeliners but this is quite complimentary. A creamy eyeliner of an exotic rich black green that almost looks blue. Love that Chanel eyeliners always come with a sharpener.

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