3 best clothes

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By Helen

3 best clothes ,let's see how good they really are!


Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Demi Bra

Review by CancerianPrincess: I love this bra. I randomly picked one up at the Semi-Annual sale this past weekend, and I couldn't be happier that I found it. I am a 38B, but with this sucker, I look like Pamela Anderson lol! I just went to wearing underwire about a year ago (since I am relatively small chested, I never wore an underwired bra, just wireless....) but now I couldn't go without an underwire. My boobs look SOOO much better in underwire!!! I paid 27 for this "on sale" (regularly 52 bucks!) and I bought two--one is light pink lace, and the other is turquoise lace w/a lighter blue around the top. I love them!

Review by London84: I LOVED this bra when I first got it; it is so pretty and it fit me really well. The memory foam in the cups conformed to my shape and it looked like it was made for me when I had it on. I paid full price, 45, for my first one.
However, after only three months, the band has stretched out, is now too big, and rides up terribly in the back. I hand wash it and air it dry. It also doesn't really support me that well anymore.
I am really disappointed in this bra and won't buy again.

Review by cperry: This bra is super comfy! I love the memory padding, and the bra itself looks adorable. However, I feel like it quickly was stretched out. I only bought it a few months ago (and I wash it properly and everything), but it is already all stretched out, so it no longer holds me like it is supposed to.
It is extremely comfortable though.

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Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Collection V-Plunge Gel Push-up Bra

Review by Loriwong: I have to agree that this is THE BEST BRA EVER. I must have 10 of them. They last forever and are comfortable. I have a little bit of a saggy chest- but not in this bra. It pushes up perfectly while still looking natural. It makes me look like I have perfectly round fake boobies. I love love love love it!

Review by tippygirl: I was never a huge fan of VS bras before, I am very picky with bras. But this 1 is a whole other case, Its comfy, fits perctly, looks great under clothes and looks great too. DEF 5 lipsticks!!!

Review by taurusgurl5984: this bra is Awesome! the gel inserts add lift to create cleavage that looks nice but not over the top. since I'm bottom-heavy I like how it adds 1-2 cup sizes to make me look more proportioned. I bought it about two years ago in 38C because the VS salesperson recommended I get a size up than my usual due to the inserts. but now that I've lost weight this bra is too big for me :( not only the band but the cups fit funny. so yes, I will be buying it again...if I can bring myself to spend that 50 once again. Haha.

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Unlisted Brand Havianas flip-flops

Review by kimberpoo: Love Havianas! I pretty much live in these flipflops. They cost a little more, But believe me it's worth it. I've never had any problems walking for hours in these. The only problem I have is stopping myself from buying every color!

Review by nemomemo: I love these flip flops. I use to buy these all the time but nowadays I can't splurge the crazy price and I also have a dog that likes to destroy my flip flops (lesson learned). Their variety of colors and art work on some of them make them cute and stylish. They are also very comfortable so no problems there. I took 2 stars off because in this economy the regular price is a big turn off. If you live in California, just go the surf shops on the beach sometimes they have bins of them on sale. I'll only buy them when I find them on sale.

Review by almighty_curv: Wow...really? Ok cheap flip flops have NOTHING on this! I used to buy Old Navy flip flops...but then my dad bought me these, and holy WOW! These are amazing I can walk miles in them (literally) in comfort and I can run in them too (don't ask) lol They might be a little pricey for flip flops, but they're totally worth it!

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