3 best body scrub

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By Stella

3 best body scrub ,let's see how good they really are!


Soap and Glory Flake Away Spa Body Polish

Review by franjipany: The first thing I noticed about this scrub was its unique texture. It is more of a scrub in gel form and very solid unlike oil/salt mixtures.
The scent is light and peachy/floral. I'm sensitive to fragrances but didn't have any problem with this one.
Generally I don't mind when a scrub leaves behind an oily residue but this one left me a bit too greasy. It also always leaves a gross ring of foam/salt around my bathtub. Although the price tag is good and I would buy again, I'm still in the market for something better.

Review by DawnD: I love this product, I have an absolute hard time with dead skin underneath my thighs and upper arm area that shaving and lotion everyday just wasn't helping. I tried other exfoliaters before and they didn't do much but after using this, I noticed my skin was immediately smoother and softer. Love the scent, it wasn't too overpowering and the price was bad at 8.49 at target for 10 oz. Didn't have a hard time taking the salt off of my skin, but it did leave some residue on the tub. Overall I tried it cause of all the good reviews it got on here and I'm glad I did. Recommend it!

Review by nemomemo: wonderful product. Works amazingly and MAINLY smells divine. It actually smells (at least on my skin) exactly like Miss Dior Cherie perfume. LOVE LOVE

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MD Formulations Face and Body Scrub

Review by rebec75: I just used this product for the first time during my weekly bath ritual with my hubbie. I did not use it on my face, just my body and really focusing on any area I was going to shave. Worked very nicely to exfoliate prior to shaving and I felt I did get a nice close shave afterwards. This huge bottle will last a long time and with the price, the price per use average is nominal. So a very affordable product for sure. I like the high amount of glycolic in it and I do like the density of the beads. I would for sure get this again. The only other scrub similar to this that I like as much is the DermaDoctor KP Duty scrub.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I really like this scrub. I use it on my face and body. MD makes a great line of skincare. I am hooked.

Review by stellaluna2: this is a great, albeit expensive scrub. My skin tends to be sensitive and this doesn't irritate, although you can feel the tiny granules working to help clear up your skin. I use it all over, and my husband uses it as well. There's nothing exciting about this product from an aesthetic point of view- but it works and that's good enough for me!

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Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa I'm in the Mood for Scrub

Review by cloud0204: I felt guilty for hating this product (while everyone else seems to love it!), so I didn't give it as harsh a rating as I wanted to. My problem with it was primarily with the smell. Now I will readily admit that I'm a scent girl, and I love clean, sweet scents. This, to me, smells very strongly of a cheap bar soap -- like some no name deodorant soap you'd find in a gas station bathroom. I was so taken aback by the smell that I didn't really notice the effects of the scrub itself. It was a bit too grainy for my taste; I prefer gentler scrubs. For a good scrub, I would recommend Clinique's Sparkle Skin (is that what it's called?) Body Exfoliator, which is gentle and leaves a nice clean scent.

Review by pinkiiish: This scrub is wonderful! If you like scents that smell "clean", then this is for you! "Clean" is the only way I can describe the scent. My husband uses this too and loves it, and he usually never uses my bath products because most of them smell too "girly". The scrub washes off easily and it makes my skin really soft! Another great product from BBW True Blue line!

Review by blyss: This isn't the best or the worst scrub I have used. It's kind of like a shower gel with scrubbiness. Only time I'd repurchase is if it went on sale again. It washes away clean without leaving a residue and exfoliates pretty well.

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