3 best blushs

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By Fiora

3 best blushs ,let's see how good they really are!


Sue Devitt studio blush in vanuatu

Review by Chloeclover: This blush is definitely a winner for me, in fact all the Sue Devit blushes I've tried I love. This is a slightly warm pink with a beautiful sheen to it. Very wearable shade. IIRC it costs 20. I am a cool-toned PPP.

Review by andij: Great texture, very soft and easy to apply and definitely lasts all day. It is a soft glowy pink that has just the right warmth and glow to it. It is a little to dark for my fair skin, but a great blush nonetheless.

Review by belladoggie00: Vanuatu is a vivid coral pink. I didn't like this shade on my PPP complexion. It was way too bright and clownish looking even if I applied it lightly. Great quality, though, if you can pull off this shade. I'll stick with my favorite SD Blush: Belize, a shimmery medium pink.

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Urban Decay Quickie Afterglow Blush

Review by edie4711: I have this in the color score, but besides UD perverted names, I really like this blush! The blush color score is absolutely stunning! its one of those peachy pink colors. Very high pigmentation, so you only need a little bit when you put this one. It makes your face glow so beautifully! The one thing I love about this is it doesn't make your pores look bigger, and I have large pores so this works for me. Minimal shimmer, overall, in my opinion better than NAR's orgasm

Review by GreeneyedGal: I adore UD's liners, shadows and blushers. Quickie is my favourite and I wear it almost every day to work and have barely made a dent. You don't need much as it's pigmented and I apply with my UD blusher brush (which is OK but I reckon there's better out there for the same price), I just pop some on the apples of my cheeks and I'm ready to go - it makes me look as if I've been walking in the hills all day, and has the subtlest of shimmers. Great for work and lasts a good few hours. Best with a pink/brown/nude lip - with a red lip it's overkill.
I don't love the packaging - the mirror fell out - but I think the packaging is the one thing that really lets UD down.

Review by dlbd2k06: Lovely pink shimmery blush from Urban Decay. Small amount of microglitter in it, but not enough to be distracting. It's a nice color, though I would prefer better staying power. I think it's a little pricey for the size. I would buy again, but would probably wait for a sale and stock up.

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Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel Stain for Cheeks & Lips - Flouron #500

Review by tambien: I love these lip stains! The formula is unique and the most lasting I have ever used. The liqui-gel looks orange in the tube but quickly dries (oxidizes?) to a cool bright pink. I was worried that it would be to cool toned for me but when it's worn sheer, the warm tones of my lips peek through and moderate the color and I get a fresh, delicate pink. Applied heavily, it's almost eyeball searing in its vividness. Impressive!

I find the liqui-gel formula easier to use and control than the runny Poisetint. I dab it on my lips with the doe foot applicator and then sheer it out with my pinky. I can't use the doe foot alone without getting neon lips. Like Fever, it has a rose scent and lasts for hours, even under balm or gloss.

Review by srobinb: This product looks pretty scary in pictures and in the tube. It does look like a fluorescent orange that you might think oh god I'm never going to pull off that colour but it actually works and looks absolutely beautiful. Don't get me wrong it's a bright colour but when you blend it out it's more pink/coral - depending on whether its used on cheeks or lips and your under-lying skin tone.
I'm addicted to this stuff on my lips, I prefer Fever as a cheek stain (see my other review) but will definitely come back to this in the summer for my cheeks because I think it will work really well with a tan. You can see swatches on various blogs and on youtube.
The other thing about this product is I have found it is really versatile, you can use it under different coloured lipglosses, over lipstick and it changes it so you can have a play depending on your mood. I love their stains!

Review by redheadjane: I love products that multi-task. There is nothing that makes me happier than having a product that I can do my cheeks and lips with, but very rarely do the shades actually coordinate properly. I find that if I use some products on my cheeks and lips, one ends up looking garishly overdone. That's not the case with this. I find that it works as the perfect stain all around. It gives you a gorgeous flush and then enhances your lips beyond all reason with a natural looking stain as well. The price tag of 29 seems threatening, but it actually works far better than similarly priced products that have similar claims. I would recommend not applying directly from the wand but rather applying to the back of your hand and applying sparingly because this product can layer very quickly and turn very bright. However, I can't say that I don't love it.

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